In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

-John Muir

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WELCOME TO Redcliff Zambezi Lodge

Three to four hours from Lusaka, on the Zambezi river, lies hidden in the majestic beauty of unspoiled African nature a haven know as Redcliff Zambezi Lodge, deriving its name from the stunning red coloured cliffs facing the lodge.

With expert service and tranquil surroundings we are in the prime position to accommodate your next African river adventure.


Hidden in the Bush, Redcliffs Lodge was originally launched as Redcliff Zambezi Fishing Safaris in 1997 with tiger fishing as the main focus. By the time the lodge was completed in 1999, it had become obvious that the area has so much more to offer, both because of its remoteness as well as its proximity to a wealth of cultural history. Environmental sensitivity, along with an appreciation for the privacy of our guests, were considered during the design of Redcliff Zambezi Lodge. Chalets are conveniently spaced under the large, shady riparian trees

Clean Rooms and Hot Showers

After a long day of adventure, nothing beats the sensation of a hot shower and crisp linen sheets an experience that will not only leave you rested for the next day but help you forget to worry about anything.

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Great Activities

Nothing beats natural beauty of the river as you jet around fishing and site seeing, bird watching and more. The Zambezi river is home to 4 of the big five as well as one of the few packs of wild dog which can be seen all year round and my times from the comfort of the lodge.

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MEET The Team

Nic Van Hysteen

Nic Van Hysteen

Abbot fisherman, Notorious people person and soft hearted nature lover, Nic will bend over backwards to make sure you have the best experience while at Redcliffs Zambezi Lodge

HOW TO Get Here

Take the east exit out of Lusaka (GREAT EAST RD) heading towards Chongwe, your first goal is to get to Luangwa Bridge 227km from Lusaka.

At Luangwa Bridge you will find a market type environment with many traders, this is a good point of rendezvous if you are travelling in a convoy.

Just after the market there is main road to the right, you will travel 70km and then get lost and have to phone someone to help you

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